Program Description

In this one day workshop, we will be exploring on UX writing and digging deeper by exercise. We will explore a few basic topics of the fundamentals of UX Writing such as history of UX Writing, what is UX writing in general and understand what separates it from other writing.

From there, this program will introduce you to how to understand a brand voice. After students understand the brand voice they are dealing with, then we enter the session where we exercise.

This exercise will give them a few scenarios on features on a certain product. Students will get a hands on on doing UX writing for themselves and will get to discuss on their little project.

Program Output

We hope that the students will get a better understanding about what is UX Writing and how to practice it

What Do You Need to Prepare

Laptop of their own


Saturday, 04 April 2020 | 10:30 - 16:30 WIB | Backspace Lippo Mall Puri, 1st Floor

Event Price

Normal Price : Rp 600.000

Price inclusive Coffee Break, Lunch, Materi Pelatihan, Certificate

About The Teacher

Nadiya Amalina - UX Writer at Gojek

Lahir pada tahun 1989, Nadiya sejak kecil memang suka dengan dunia kreatif, penulisan dan perfilman. Ia akhirnya berkuliah di Univeristy of Malaya dengan jurusan Journalism and Advertising serta melanjutkan S2 di University Science of Malaysia in Screen Studies (TV and Film).

Nadiya memulai karirnya sebagai kreatif di salah satu televisi swasta, lalu menjadi content manager di sebuah e-commerce dan kini adalah seorang UX Writer di Gojek. Hobinya adalah memasak dan fotografi.


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